Empowering Crowdvest: A Journey of Transformation and Success

Webtastic revolutionized Crowdvest's digital landscape, from branding to lead conversion, propelling them to over $3 million in business.

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Crowdvest LLC

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Hauppauge, NY
01. The Challenge

Crowdvest faced challenges in establishing a strong market presence, managing customer relationships effectively, and converting leads into business opportunities. Their branding lacked cohesion, their CRM system was non-existent, leading to inefficient lead management and missed opportunities. Additionally, their digital marketing efforts were unstructured, resulting in low engagement and poor conversion rates.

02. The Solution

Webtastic stepped in to overhaul Crowdvest's digital strategy. We developed a distinctive logo and branding to solidify their market presence. By implementing a comprehensive CRM system with automation, we streamlined the lead conversion process, making it more efficient and effective. We took charge of their Facebook marketing, generating significant business growth, and managed their social media to enhance engagement. Our team also spearheaded the creation and management of webinars, marketing campaigns, and deal launch documents, alongside providing general IT consultancy. Through meticulous database management, website management & creation, and targeted Facebook ads, we ensured a cohesive and impactful digital marketing strategy.

03. The Result

The transformation led to remarkable outcomes for Crowdvest. Our strategic overhaul resulted in over $3 million in generated business, significantly increasing their ROI. The automated CRM system enhanced lead conversion processes, while our comprehensive digital marketing and social media management efforts vastly improved online engagement. Crowdvest's market presence strengthened, and their brand became synonymous with reliability and innovation, setting a new benchmark in their industry.

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